Natalia at The Little Room of Harmony offers:


Face Yoga

Reiki Treatments

Crystal Therapy
Amnanda Therapy

Distance Healing

Reiki Training & Reiki Refresher

Relaxation Therapy (Time to Relax) 

*Gift vouchers also available for all of the above.

Natalia says: "I want to help you look and feel the best you can, so that you glow inside and out. I am passionate about providing a high quality service to achieve excellent, long-lasting, natural results in your wellbeing. Please explore my website to find treatments, group classes, training, workshops and events and contact me for more information."

Time to Relax Jan / Feb 2022

Guided Meditation & Deep Relaxation
Experience true relaxation and allow tension to melt away in these small friendly group classes. Great for releasing stress, enhancing clarity of the mind and focus, reducing anxiety and insomnia and boosting positivity. Please contact Natalia to book.

MONDAYS 7.30pm-8.30pm or TUESDAYS 9.30am-10.030am

24th Jan/25th Jan - Yummy Yoga Nidra

31st Jan/1st Feb - Relaxing Chakra Balance

7th Feb/8th Feb - Nurture Your Senses

Drop-in classes on a sliding scale, so they get cheaper the more you attend! First class £10, second class £9, third class £8. Maximum 8 people per class.

**Private Time to Relax sessions also available one-to-one or in a group, see pricing page for details.**


"Most of us will encounter physical and mental stresses in our lives. The innate professionalism of Natalia in her Little Room of Harmony has, in my case, been most helpful in identifying and focussing on such areas that require beneficial treatment. You only need a small amount of belief to engage in these relaxing sessions...then your belief will grow into a positive healing process. Holistic treatment originates from the Greek word 'Holos'...meaning 'whole'...and who does not wish to be whole again....!A Fan, Herts


"I visit Natalia once a month. It is a wonderful relaxing treatment. I get so much out of it! Confidence, positivity and the feeling of total relaxation. Natalia is professional, knowledgeable and very understanding. It's one of my favourite hours in the month. Lovely music too. Thank you Natalia x" Lynette T., Hunsdon