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Crystal Therapy and Reiki at The Little Room of Harmony


"I hadn't experienced Reiki before my sessions with Natalia, but she immediately put me at ease with her warm, professional and down to earth approach. The sense of relaxation during the session was great and I was left with an improved feeling of well-being and positive, balanced energy which stayed with me. Overall, a fabulous treatment with great personal benefits which seem to build over time. Thanks Natalia." Julie R., London

"What an amazing affect! My headache and nausea were lifted and I was able to sleep, feeling fully relaxed.  I will definitely be booking in another treatment; The Little Room of Harmony gets my vote every time." Katie H., Welwyn Garden City

"I love The Little Room of Harmony, a quiet and peaceful haven.  No two treatments have ever been the same, and I believe the Reiki delivers exactly what is needed.  Natalia is very professional, attentive and kind" Penny C., Matching

"During a session of Reiki with Natalia I felt deep relaxation and peace.  It was my first time doing a treatment of Reiki and I didn't know what to expect. Natalia helped me to feel comfortable and safe and I was able to fully let go and enjoy the calming, soothing benefits of the treatment.  I would recommend Natalia to anyone, particularly those wishing to try out Reiki for the first time. She explains the Reiki treatment in a way that a "beginner" can easily understand and relate to but you really need to experience the treatment to feel the beauty of the energies she has access to."

Caroline P., Switzerland

"In a word, 'delightful'. Natalia is knowledgeable and professional and the class is amazing. Could not recommend it highly enough."

S.B., Bishops's Stortford

"A wonderful place to relax, unwind and feel inner peace."

Diane.C., Hunsdon

​The Holistic Approach

All the treatments on offer from Natalia at The Little Room of Harmony adopt the holistic approach, addressing the cause of the disorder as well as the symptoms, resulting in long-term benefits. These treatments heal on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, helping to rebalance the body, release stress and lead to feelings of clarity, serenity, stability and physical vitality. Holistic treatments can help to bring events and emotions, which have previously been suppressed, to the surface in order that these can be dealt with and released. Suppression can lead to mental confusion, emotional turbulence, fatigue and physical discomfort (e.g. headaches and migraines, digestive complications, back pain). If you are looking to renew your energy, totally unwind and find inner peace and wellbeing, then these treatments are for you.  

Facial Gua Sha Treatment

Facial Gua Sha is derived from traditional Chinese Medicine and has been used for thousands of years. It is a facial massage technique which relieves muscle tension, boosts circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage and releases the fascia. It lifts and sculpts the face, brightens the complexion, reduces inflammation and much more. The treatment includes lymphatic drainage, a define and lift technique, acupressure, full face and neck Gua Sha, compress cool down and a crystal eye mask. Using different crystals to suit your skin type. Target particular problems such as eye puffiness and dark circles, sagging jowls, lip lines, jaw tension, forehead wrinkles and defining the cheeks. This is a natural face lift, which will leave you glowing and feeling refreshed.

Face Yoga Sessions

Glow inside and out! The Face Yoga Method is a natural, holistic way to look and feel younger and healthier, with an added sense of relaxation and wellbeing. These scientifically proven techniques combine face exercises, face massage, face acupressure, face relaxation and general wellbeing. The Face Yoga Method uses traditional techniques and the latest research to deliver safe, natural results. Helping to reduce poor skin tone, lines & wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles as well as increasing circulation, lymph flow, muscle tone and natural plumping agents for a firmer, healthier, youthful glow. An organic way to reduce the signs of ageing and tension, working from the inside out, to help you look and feel the best you can.

Amnanda Therapy

Developed 2000 years ago, Amnanda (meaning 'path of joy') is an Ayurvedic Therapy which helps to slow down, or even reverse the ageing process. It aids the removal of blockages and deeply held stress, which have developed from painful experiences and traumas in the past and leaves you with renewed energy levels, greater clarity, positivity and a zest for life.
Amnanda is a course of 12 relaxing oil massage treatments, one each month for a year. The oils contain herb mixtures and are applied gently to the whole body with mindful touch. Amnanda is an individual journey, which starts from the first treatment. As the effects of this process are sustained and develop over time, you only receive these treatments once in your life. To support the 12 month process, you also drink a special Green Tea and take a tincture daily. Please have a look at the official amnanda website for more information or contact Natalia with any questions.


Reiki means 'universal life energy' and is a technique developed in Japan, which uses this energy, present in all living things, to heal holistically.  The client remains fully clothed during Reiki, which is a hands-on but non-intrusive treatment, suitable for all ages. It is a wonderful therapy which facilitates balance, harmony and deep relaxation.​ During the treatment the Reiki energy is channelled into the client and flows through the whole body to restore those areas in most need.  The focus is around the energy centres (chakras) and cleansing the aura. Each treatment is unique to the individual but the client may feel tingling, heat or coolness, they may have visualisations, experience emotions, feel a physical sensation and often a feeling of deep relaxation and inner peace.

Crystal Therapy 

Natural crystals, specifically chosen to suit each individual client, are placed on and around the body as the client relaxes fully clothed on the couch. The crystals essentially aid with the opening and balancing of the energy centres within the body (chakras), removing negativity and blockages and replacing with positivity.  This improves energy flow through the body and mind, and also into the aura.  These crystals have been buried in the earth for millions of years and therefore they carry the energies and vibrations of the earth as well as their own individual DNA, which works with our bodies' energies, vibrations and DNA to heal, balance and harmonise.  ​

Distance Healing

Healing energy can be transmitted to anyone, anywhere at anytime instantaneously as in terms of energy everything is connected (as explained in quantum physics!)  Therefore these treatments do not require you to be physically present with the practitioner and work with the same effectiveness as a hands-on treatment.  Perhaps you live too far away, are too ill to travel or have a hectic schedule?  Maybe you would like healing to be sent to you for a specific event, for example to keep calm and focussed during exams or before a competition or interview etc? An initial consultation for new clients would take place over the phone prior to the treatment and full feedback and support will be provided afterwards.  

****Please contact Natalia if you have any further questions regarding these treatments.****

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