• GLOW: Face Yoga: book an initial 1.5hr session plus 2 x 1hr follow up sessions for £160.

  • RELAX: Time to Relax classes £40 for 5 classes (save £10). See homepage for details.

  • SPARKLE: Face Yoga & Relaxation Workshop, 2hours, £25 or 2 for £40, next date tbc 

* = also available online.
Individual Treatments
Amnanda Therapy, Ayurvedic Treatment
Amnanda Therapy

80 min - £65


Amnanda is a course of 12 oil massage treatments, one each month for a year to help release stress and tension from body and mind, restoring health and vitality. Traditionally used to slow down signs of the ageing process. Please see the treatments page for more information about Amnanda.

Reiki Treatment
Reiki Treatment**

60 min - £45 / 90 min - £67

Reiki is a technique originating in Japan which uses universal energy to heal holistically. It facilitates harmony, balance and blissful relaxation to assist the body's natural healing process. Please see the treatments page for more detailed information about Reiki.

Crystal Therapy
Crystal Therapy​ Treatment*

​​60 min - £45 / 90 min - £67

Crystal Therapy is the process of placing natural crystals on and around the body, using their energies and vibrations to heal and realign the body.  Please see the treatments page for more detailed information about Crystal Therapy.


Reiki Healing
Reiki Treatment for Children**

30 min - £27

A briefer Reiki treatment for children promoting relaxation and confidence, aiding sleep and improving concentration. Can help with anxiety, pressure from peers or school or a change in home life, Please see the treatments page for more detailed information about Reiki.

Distance Healing with Reiki
Distance Healing**

60 min - £45 / 30 min - £25


Perhaps you live too far away from The Little Room of Harmony or have a hectic schedule? Maybe you would like healing to be sent to you for a specific event, for example to keep calm and focussed during exams or before a competition or interview? Please see the treatments page for more detailed information about Distance Healing.

Holistic Therapies
* Initial Consultation​

15 min - £10

This is a one-off consultation for new clients, usually immediately prior to a first Reiki, Crystal Therapy or Distance Healing treatment, to gather information and to determine the key things you would like to address during your treatment.

Pampering Packages
Reiki Treatment
Pause & Reset*

90 min - £67

A delightful combination of Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Relaxation Therapy. The ultimate rebalance of body and mind to relieve tension and leave you feeling relaxed and recharged. Press the pause button on life and allow your body and mind to reset. A real time out treat.

Relaxing Massage Therapy
Uplift & Revitalise

90 min - £67

A real pick me up including Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Crystal Head Combing & Crystal Eye Mask. Relax your mind, revive your body and revitalise your energy. Especially beneficial for relieving head tension, soothing the scalp and promoting healthy hair.

Hand Massage
Stress Release

90 min - £67

A tantalising treatment blending Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hand & Foot Ritual (with aromatherapy oils by Zephorium) and Relaxation Therapy. Melt your troubles away, release that which no longer serves you and make space for transformation and growth.

Crystal Facial Rejuvenation

90 min - £67

Glow inside and out with this heavenly crystal facial to soothe the skin, release facial tension and encourage circulation and cell restoration. A luxurious mix of a Crystal Facial Grid, Crystal Head Combing & Eye Mask, Facial Relaxation and Reiki to the head, neck and shoulders.

Group & Private Classes
Meditation Class
Time to Relax*

45 min - £40 for 5 classes/ £10 drop-in

Busy life and busy mind? Would you like to learn how to relax your body completely and calm your mind? Would techniques to aid restful sleep be useful? These group sessions are suitable for all and focus on simple techniques which allow stress and tension to melt away. See homepage for dates.

Private Meditation Class
Private Time to Relax*

60 min - £45 / 45 min - £35


Learn how to relax and unwind with guided meditation and relaxation techniques one-to-one or in a small group with family, friends or children. 

These personal sessions are tailor-made to your individual needs and can be held at a time to suit you. Please contact Natalia for more information.

Beautiful Women
Private Face Yoga Party*

120 min - £20-£30pp


Have some healthy fun with your friends and leave glowing inside and out. Feel great, look great, giggles guaranteed!

4-5 people £30pp, 6-7 people £25pp, 8+ people £20pp. 

Please contact Natalia for more information.

Face Yoga Private Class
Private Face Yoga 121*

90 min - £75 / 60 min - £50

A 90 min one-to-one Face Yoga class, including a full consultation, learning the key techniques plus a personalised programme. Follow ups 60 min. Please see the treatments page for more detailed information about Face Yoga. Please contact Natalia for more information.

Face Yoga Workshop
Sparkle Workshop*

120 min - £25

A 2 hour Face Yoga & Relaxation workshop in a small, personal group, including learning the key techniques to practise at home. Please see the treatments page for more detailed information about Face Yoga. Reignite your sparkle and glow from within!

Learn Reiki
Reiki Training Level 1 2 and 3
Reiki Training

First Degree - £160 / Second Degree - £190 / Third Degree - £420


Reiki Training with Natalia is offered in a peaceful location and in a very small and personal group, therefore the training dates can be flexible to suit you. Anyone can be attuned to channel the beautiful Reiki energy. Please see the training page for more detailed information.

Refresh Your Reiki Training
Refresh Your Reiki*

90 min - £67

Attuned to Reiki but need a refresher? Preparing for the next level of training, or becoming a Reiki practitioner or teacher, or simply not used Reiki for a while and lost your confidence? This refresher is tailor made for you including a Reiju, 30min Reiki treatment and much more. Please see the training page for more information.


"This was my first go at Reiki and holistic treatments and I found it profoundly relaxing. I felt confident about trusting Natalia so was able to relax and let all the stresses and strains go. I wasn't sure afterwards whether I'd been asleep or just so totally relaxed that it felt like it, but either way I felt as though I'd had a short holiday. And I will be back for another booking shortly..." Jo B., Ware


"Natalia is a wonderful Reiki practitioner, I find her treatments and venue very relaxing. I feel balanced and calm after every treatment. So much so I get to the 'Little Room' in Widford every few weeks. Highly recommend!!Natasha C., Ware


"I was rather sceptical of having a 'distance healing' treatment as I could not comprehend how energy could be transmitted whilst not being in the same room. During the treatment I felt relaxed especially as I was able to remain in my own home. The results of my treatment with Natalia were truly incredible and I am continuing to feel the positive benefits of my session 3 weeks later. I cannot recommend this treatment enough and am looking forward to having more ... Thank you Natalia" Paula H., Cheshunt