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Reiki First Degree - to be confirmed, please contact Natalia for information.
Reiki Second Degree - to be confirmed, please contact Natalia for information.
Reiki Third Degree
- to be confirmed, please contact Natalia for information.

Crystal Therapy and Reiki at The Little Room of Harmony. Reiki Training.
Reiki Treatment
Indian Priest Meditating at Sunset
Holding Hands
Reiki Training with Natalia

Anyone can be attuned to channel the beautiful Reiki energy, it is not dependent on intellectual capacity, spiritual development or religious beliefs. Reiki training with Natalia at The Little Room of Harmony is offered in a peaceful location and in a very small and personal group (usually 2 or 3 students), therefore the training dates can be flexible to suit you. The training includes a student manual, refreshments, a certificate at the end and ongoing support.  I teach the Tibetan / Usui tradition of Reiki passed down from Master Usui through Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata. Please contact Natalia to learn this wonderful technique and positively affect all aspects of your life.  Various training dates available to suit you. A deposit is required to secure training dates.


Reiki First Degree Training (Shoden) - £170

The First Degree is primarily for use on friends, family, children, pets and of course yourself.  It is usually split into two 3.5 hour sessions, which include four attunements; guided meditations; the Reiki Affirmations; the history of Reiki including your lineage; chakras, the energy system and blockages; hand positions for self-treatment and treating others; practical exercises (giving and receiving Reiki) and much more. No experience is necessary, but it can be useful to have a Reiki treatment prior to training. Please contact Natalia to discuss training dates.

Reiki Second Degree Training (Okuden) - £195

The Second Degree develops your intuition and enables a greater quantity of Reiki to flow through you, therefore increasing your healing power whether directed towards yourself or others. You will learn three sacred symbols, their names and mantras. You will also master distance healing, which enables you effectively to 'send' Reiki to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. Reiki Second Degree is recommended to become a Reiki practitioner. It is usually split into two 4 hour sessions, which include two further attunements; guided meditations; Hatsurei-ho technique; practical exercises; the three Reiki Second Degree scared symbols; enhancing Reiki using symbols and other techniques; distance healing; setting up as a practitioner; case studies and much more. You need to have Reiki First Degree to attend this training course. Please contact Natalia to discuss training dates.

Reiki Third Degree Training (Shinpiden) - £420

The Third Degree is an important step on your Reiki journey, developing an even deeper connection and awareness leading to further self-discovery. This is Master / Teacher level, which increases the quantity of Reiki you can channel and enables you to attune others to Reiki, sharing this beautiful gift. It is usually split into four 4 hour sessions, which include one further attunement; guided meditations; the Reiki Third Degree sacred symbols; learning the attunement process; receiving and giving Reiju; deeper learning about the energy body; practical exercises and much more. You need at least one year experience at Reiki Second Degree level to attend this training course. Please contact Natalia to discuss training dates.

Refresh Your Reiki (90 mins) - £70

Attuned to Reiki at any level but need a refresher? Perhaps you are preparing for the next level of Reiki training or want to deepen your connection to Reiki. Perhaps you are ready to become a Reiki practitioner or teacher but need some additional guidance. Maybe you have not used Reiki for a while and lost your confidence with self-treatments or treating others. This refresher will include exercises to reconnect with Reiki, a Reiju empowerment plus a 30min Reiki healing session. It will be tailor made to your needs and may also include Reiki meditations, incorporating Reiki into your everyday life, answering your Reiki questions and an opportunity for you to practise giving Reiki. Following the session, I will be happy to mentor you as you move forward on your Reiki journey. This is not a Reiki course with certification. Please contact Natalia to discuss further or to book.


"A wonderful, life changing experience.  A calm, warm and friendly atmosphere.  Natalia is very kind, gentle and very accommodating...I am excited to start my new journey and am thankful that you have been a part of it. Thank you!" NL-G, Hertford


"A truly amazing experience which I hope will enable me not only to heal myself but also those close to me. Natalia provided me with an exceptional insight and first step into the world of Reiki. A wonderful balance of both theory and practical has ensured this training course has been outstanding.  Thank you." PH, Cheshunt


"I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki training with Natalia.  I found my journey very emotional but rewarding.  Natalia was very professional and knowledgable, I felt very relaxed and comfortable in her hands.  Thank you!" WW, Ware


"Fabulous - loving, personal and professional all at the same time - very glad I found and chose you." MR, Bedford


"I really did think everything about Reiki 1 was perfect!  The gap in between the two sessions gave me time to reflect on everything and practise.  I can honestly say I came away from it with a totally different view on life.  I feel much calmer about things and more relaxed!  The course itself was pitched at the right pace and explained very well.  Keep me posted on Reiki 2 courses!" MP, Welwyn Garden City


"Really great, can't wait to start.  Looking forward to doing the second degree." SL, Hertford


"Thank-you Natalia for two lovely sessions, the mix of theory and practical lessons was perfect - leaning towards the practical, which is good. It was great for me to be able to take time away from a busy life, where often others always come first, and to really relax and think about what matters most. This in itself has lead to a more relaxed outlook which can only be built on as I practise the Reiki more." JW, Loughton

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